General Conference of the United Methodist Church

This May, the world of Methodists gathers in Portland, Oregon for our General Conference of the United Methodist Church. This happens every four years. Methodists will travel from all over the world to meet, pray, discuss, and resolve issues. It will require our prayers for them. This is the prayer for May offered by the General Conference session team in Portland, Oregon.

We are ready God, or ready almost, to welcome our United Methodist sisters and brothers in Christ from all around the world. We ask traveling mercies for all. Portland is home for some, but may it feel like home for all. Some will travel great distances, culturally and geographically. Yet God, we know you have the whole world in your hands.
We are many and diverse. We are also one and united.
We all know your love. We all know your Son, Jesus our Lord.
We all pray that your will might be done, on earth as in heaven.
As the world comes to our doorstep, we pray for this General Conference. We pray for wisdom and guidance. We pray for understanding and graciousness. We pray for courage and humility.
We pray for our church as we face unprecedented challenges and opportunities at a General Conference that will surely long be remembered.
May it be remembered for good. And whatever differences may remain between us and among us, may your good news in Jesus Christ be received and shared by all. And may we be thankful that you have invited each of us and all of us into this great family that we call The United Methodist Church.
In Christ we pray. Amen.

Father, we lift up to you our representatives from the clergy and the laity.
Rev. Carlo Rapanut and Jo Anne Hayden
Clergy and Lay Principal Delegates
General and Jurisdictional Conferences
Use them as you would, speak to them, and help them to see your will. Amen