Of Blossoms and Change

I read a blog from Rev. Carlo Rapanut about the blossoms that we encounter here in Alaska and how different they are from those in the Philippines. In Western Pennsylvania, I noticed the trees when they began to turn pinkish purple; they were mostly the maple trees. All of a sudden, seemingly on one day, the buds would open to full leaves. It was miraculous.

I came across a story by Dr. Chuck Killian a former professor at Asbury Theological Seminary. He writes about a boy who was trying to open a flower bud with his fingers.  Being unsuccessful he asked his mother, “Why, when I try to open the bud does it fall apart, but when God opens the flower it is beautiful?”  The boy unwittingly answering his own question.

I guess the point is when you try to change the flower from the outside you discover that God and nature changes it from the inside.

That is the picture the Apostle Paul paints when we hear his word about transformation—do not conform yourselves to the standards of this world, but let God transform you inwardly.

It’s an Honor to be your Pastor,