Trustees Tidbits

The following is an update on Trustee projects for United Methodist Church of Chugiak:

  • Roof Ice Damming: Trustees contracted with Alaska Thermal Imaging for infrared and building diagnostics of the church. Their report clearly showed areas where the church is losing heat through its walls, roof, and windows. With this report, an engineer was contacted to assist us in providing a scope of work to correct some of the larger problems with the roof. Contact with roofing companies has been made to obtain estimates for repair. This will be an expensive repair for us.
  • Highway Sign: We obtained estimates for the cost of a new sign for the church. Ideally, this sign would be visible to all traffic on the Old Glenn, and would have a full color LED display. Unfortunately, the regulations of the Municipality will not allow us to place the sign where we think it would be to our best advantage. We met with the Department of Transportation’s Right of Way office and learned that we could place the sign in the section line easement along our southern boundary. However, this would only be visible to southbound traffic, and would also be subject to removal at the DOT’s discretion. Trustees are reluctant to spend $30,000+ on a sign under those restrictions. We also learned from the MOA that the zoning of the church’s property is R-7, which is significant because it will restrict the height of our sign to 8’, and we were hoping for 15’. The Trustees have contacted a neighboring property owner to determine if he would be amenable to selling his property to us. This would give us a higher, more visible place to display a sign.
  • Sanctuary Carpet: We’ve contacted Lowe’s and Northwest Carpet regarding replacement carpet for the sanctuary. Northwest Carpet had the most reasonable price and they would remove the old carpet, pews, install new carpet, and reinstall the pews. Cost would be about $12,000.
  • Windows for the Sanctuary: Several years ago, Trustees looked into the costs of replacing the windows on the back (south) side of the sanctuary. We received a quote of over $50,000. We held a fund raiser, but received only half of the amount needed for the replacement.
  • Replace T-111 siding and paint same of Community Center: This is a possible project for the 2016 VIM team that will be here in August.


Possible future projects:

  1. Electric Handicap Door Opener: Trustees are working on obtaining quotes from glass companies for the installation of the electric handicap door opener for the front arctic entry and door.
  2. Columbarium Garden: The only cemeteries are located in Anchorage. We are looking into the creation of a columbarium garden area on church property. There are all weather columbaria for the cremains, and we could create a gated area with gardens for the site. We will be meeting with St. Patrick’s church representative (they just recently installed one) on the potential pros and cons of this project.
  3. Install Ceiling fans in Sanctuary: The sanctuary becomes stifling hot during those sunny summer days and the installation of several ceiling fans will help distribute air in the summer and heat in the winter.
  4. Replatting of the Church’s 3 lots: The church owns 13 acres contained within 3 lots. Trustees are looking into replatting these 3 lots into 1 lot and removing the section line easements encompassing the property. This could cost as much as $5,000 to do.


Projects in 2015/2016:

  1. Replaced Parsonage boiler
  2. Installed 3 storm doors for the Parsonage
  3. Contracted with Wintergreen to install retaining wall by Parsonage driveway
  4. Installed rain gutters on the church building and community center.
  5. Created Welcome Center
  6. Installed blinds in the Narthex
  7. Accomplished many small projects