Wear Red for Pentecost


Sunday, May 15th is the celebration of Pentecost. It recognizes the birth of the Church, and is a remembrance of the disciples’ experience of the Holy Spirit in their midst, marked by rushing wind and tongues of fire. The Worship team is hoping folks will wear RED on this Sunday, as part of UMCC’s Pentecost celebration.

The disciples went from being afraid behind locked doors, to openly proclaiming the wonderful news of God on the crowded streets of Jerusalem. Their joy was so exuberant, people thought they were drunk! (But, as Peter pointed out, it was only 0900.) This was the fulfillment of the words spoken by the prophet Joel that “the spirit of God will be poured out on men and women in the last days.” The church grew from only a couple dozen to literally thousands during those first weeks of Pentecost.

The celebration of Pentecost also marks fifty days since Passover. In fact, the Greek word for fifty is Pente. This was a Jewish celebration in Jerusalem where the first fruits were offered in celebration of God’s gracious providence. People who feared God, both Jews and gentiles, gathered from all over the known world to meet at the Temple in Jerusalem for the celebration. It was during this time that God chose to birth the church. The message of God’s work in Jesus Christ spread throughout the world.