Trustees Tidbits: Roofing Update

As many of you are aware, the church has experienced an ice damming problem on its roof. As a result, water is getting into the storage room in the Community Center, and is running down one of the Narthex walls.

Last October, we contracted with Alaska Thermal Imaging LLC to do a survey of the heat signatures at the roof during fall conditions. Then we asked an engineer, Jeffery Hurd of “The A’s of Construction Design and Consulting, to look the report over and give us his findings and recommendations so that we could create a scope of work to use for estimating the cost to repair the major problems.

We sent out copies of the imaging report and Mr. Hurd’s findings, along with a request for proposals, and received bids from two local companies. The Trustees met with the low bidder to have our questions answered about his proposal and the contract was then issued to Chinook Roofing.

Work should begin on this project sometime in July.

This is the first phase of solving this problem. The next phase will require some work on our part with insulating certain areas and replacing the T-111 on the north side of the Community Center.